• Jessica Sherry

15+ Writing Ideas on Giving Characters Security "Blankets"

One of my siblings *identity withheld for obvious reasons* carried a security blanket for more years than even Linus on Charlie Brown. Eventually, the blanket simply disintegrated from overuse, breaking into shreds until disappearing altogether. Even now though, blankets are a cornerstone of this person’s décor and comfort.

My mom’s comfort thing was flashlights. She bought them in bulk. Every drawer, tabletop, purse, car, and bedside had one and she could whip one out quicker than a gun out of holster.

We all have our things, don’t we? Things we carry. Things we check. Things we feel lost without.

Phones are an obvious choice these days, but for character development, think outside the tech boxes for other types of “security blankets.” Here are some writing ideas to get you started on thinking about character comforts:

Brownie the Dog
  • Pets—a popular but appropriate choice and, bonus, it seems like you can take them practically everywhere these days, support animal or not

  • Planners, address books, schedules, itineraries

  • Plants—I talk to mine, don’t you?

  • CBD Oil, gummies, teas—very trendy nowadays

  • Luck charms—rabbit’s feet, dreamcatchers, religious symbols, jewelry

  • Essential oils—sprays, candles, infused jewelry, lotions, plug-ins, diffusers

  • Notebooks & pens *raising my hand*

  • Chewing gum, Chewing tobacco, toothpicks

  • Wallet, purse, backpack, fanny pack, messenger bag

  • Favorite sweatshirt, ratty college t-shirt, bathrobe, PJs, fuzzy bunny slippers

  • Chocolate or any comfort foods

  • Music—Alexa, play a Post Malone station

  • Lip balm, Strawberry Chapstick, fire engine red lip stain

  • Umbrella—a la Father Brown

  • Teddy bears, dolls, puppets, ventriloquist dummy

What could your character rely on for peace of mind? And what could that thing reveal about him? Share your comforting comfort objects below! Let's brainstorm together!

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