• Jessica Sherry

10+ Hobbies for your Characters

To add depth and interest--and **bonus** potential scenes to use for plotting--give your characters hobbies. What does she do when she's not working, falling in love, saving the world, or solving a murder? There must be something she longs to do when she's not doing it, something that helps her get in the zone and think, like Sherlock Holmes playing the violin.

A character's interests can reveal much about them. A fly fisherman, for example, is probably patient, meticulous, and longs for the peaceful solitude of the outdoors. On the other hand, someone drawn to performing--dance or theater, perhaps--is high-energy and enjoys bright lights and people.

"I collect spores, mold, and fungus." ~ Egon, Ghostbusters

Consider your own hobbies and what they provide for you--a creative space, focus, self-expression, physicality, ownership, satisfaction, an escape. What does your character need from downtime? Get a hobby on, maybe with one of these:

  • Cycling around the city... knowing all its nooks and crannies could come in handy for a hero or a villain

  • Extreme couponing... to cheaply stockpile for the next pandemic, perhaps

  • Binge watching old movies... because she's stuck in the past or depressed about her future

  • Stamp collecting, coin collecting, bone collecting, brain collecting *smirk*

  • Birding, Bugging, or Reptiling... Yeah, I just made up a word. Shakespeare said writers can do that.

  • The dark arts... photography, YouTube videos, writing

  • Mixology... designing the perfect smoothie, cocktail, beer, perfume, aphrodisiac, street drug, poison

  • Journaling... while watching the neighbors through binoculars

  • Knitting, painting, candle-stick-making... Hobby Lobby employees know this character by name

  • Walking, hiking, exploring... especially in places she shouldn't

Here are more hobbies to consider for your characters. Or yourself.

Determining what your character's in to will help readers get in to the character. *smirk*

What ideas do you have for hobbies? Share yours below! For more crazy ideas, check out www.coffeebrained.com

Happy writing!