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Writing Ideas on your Character's Peeps

Everyone needs someone, even your imaginary friends... I mean, um, characters. Part of developing characters is knowing who they turn to in good, bad, boring times. The laugh-inspirers, personal cheerleaders, the people she can be stupid with, the ones to take tubing (or whatever floats your, um, tubes). Family, friends, co-workers, whatever--your character has a pool from which to pull her peeps. Peeps are human comfort food.

“Home Alone is a movie, not an alibi.” ~ Detective Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach in Law and Order (He’s my TV version of comfort food)

Hurricane Florence pushed me into thinking about my peeps. My family of four has been shacking up with two of ours--Uncles Michael and Andy--for over a week now thanks to our decision to evacuate. So, there’s six of us plus one dog, Brownie, living in a typical two-person household. Things could be crazy.

Funny Pigs

Crazy like the pizza scene in Home Alone. Kevin's cheese pizza is gone, his older brother teases him, his younger cousin will definitely pee in the bed they’re supposed to share. It's no surprise when Kevin lets his rage get away from him and the shit hits the fan. His uncle yells at him, “Look what you did, you little jerk!”

A week into our evacuation (and counting) and everything’s as harmonious as the day we arrived. Our peeps have taken our minds off of what could be happening at our house, and have made us feel perfectly at home. There are no awkward, angry pizza scenes in this house! We’ve all just fit together.

Family's usually the first place to look for peeps--though maybe Kevin should branch out when he gets older. Peeps can come from anywhere--they are the family one chooses.

  • Who does your MC choose to spend time with? And why?

  • Who would she take on vacation?

  • Evacuate to?

  • How might her peeps influence, help, comfort her, or sometimes... hurt her?

  • Who does she cry to, go to with her biggest problems and worst confessions?

Tell us about your character's peeps below in the comments.

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