• Jessica Sherry

Slaw, Ya'll

In coastal North Carolina, the weather morphs from winter to summer in barely a breath. Last week, we covered up our gardens for a frost. The next day, we broke out our shorts and started sweating the moment we stepped outside.

As my daughter says, "That's how it be." Strangely, her grammatically sketchy version sounds better than "it is what it is" or at least more fun.

Anyway, meals change with the seasons, too. No more stews, soups, and chilis. Bring on the grill-fare and warm-weather accompaniments.

Hello, slaw. It's nice to see you again.

BBQ Sandwich with Slaw

Slaw's a well-loved, go-to side perfect with fish, burgers, barbecue (here's our homemade BBQ sauce), hot dogs, and brats because it can be a topping as well as a side--double duty. Plus, it's super easy, especially the way I make it.

Here's what I do:

1. In the bottom of a large bowl (preferably one that comes with a lid), mix together:

  • 1 cup mayo--NOTE: Adjust to your desired level of creaminess, but hey, who doesn't like it creamy? Also, I use Olive Oil Mayo.

  • 1 TBSP White Vinegar

  • 2 TBSP Dijon Mustard

  • 3 Tsp Sugar

  • 1/2 Tsp Salt or Salt substitute

  • 1/2 Tsp Pepper--NOTE: I REALLY like pepper, so I go up to one tsp.

2. Add the veg on top of the wet ingredients. I buy the 14-ounce bags of 3-color coleslaw mix from the produce section to make this part easy, but you can also cut your own cabbage if you enjoy more effort. (Don't be down about it; I've cut my own cabbage many times just to make it look more homemade). If you do, shred two carrots and one-half a medium head each of green and red cabbage. Red cabbage is so pretty. *Smirk.

3. To this, add a handful of chopped green onions. Or half a cup, if you're precise.

4. Mix well. If you're a lucky duck with a lidded bowl, then snap the lid, turn it upside down, and shake the hell out of it. It's not only therapeutic but effective.

5. Let your slaw rest in the fridge for a few hours before serving. It's better this way.

Creamy Cole Slaw

Done and done.

Oh, but wait, there's more....

If you're interested in a heartier side, add a head of chopped broccoli to the party. Broccoli slaw, ya'll.

Mix for Broccoli Slaw

This lovely assortment becomes...

Broccoli Slaw


We've loved this upgrade lately, especially with fried fish from our air fryer. It elevates something that's already so simple and easy. Broccoli slaw can go with anything, especially in spring and summer... even snacking meatballs. It's an easy side dish to bring to a party... if we ever get back to having those.

So, that's slaw, ya'll. If you have any slaw tricks, share below!