• Jessica Sherry

Shower Power: Character Development

Taking a shower is one of those mundane, must-be-done activities that, for me, often inspires a great deal of thinking. Agatha Christie worked on her plots while washing the dishes. I do it in the shower, where, of course, I can't write it down. A dripping wet dash out of the shower to jot down notes happens sometimes when I fear I might forget the genius idea I've just brainstormed (the trick is not to slip). Anyway, the shower is where I do some of my best thinking.

How about your MC? What does she think about in the shower? Does she run through her to-do list? Imagine murdering her neighbor? Wish to go back to bed? Is shower time meditative? Does she play music to get her day started? Is she a shampoo, rinse, repeat kind of girl or does she skip steps? Does she shower in the morning or at night? Or, like me, in the middle of the day? (hey, I'm a writer. I do what I want.)

Understanding your characters, even small details like how they like their shower, creates authenticity for readers.

What seemingly small details reveal big things about your characters? Share below.


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