• Jessica Sherry

A Guy Walks Into a Bar: Quick Writing Prompt

A guy walks into a bar, but no one is there. The lights are on. It’s normal business hours. Half finished drinks litter the tables. Music plays. A cigarette burns in an ashtray. The cue ball rolls to a stop on the pool table. He calls out. No one answers. What happens next?

Use this wonky writing prompt for any lackluster scene in your novel. Let your main character enter the bar, business, cubicle, car, apartment, whatever, and find something unexpected. An object out of place. A person she didn't plan to see. Her cat missing. A putrid odor. Something odd. It'll add interest and tension--even if the thing isn't a crazy-big-deal, like the rapture or an apocalypse.

Here's awesome and more detailed info on fixing a scene that's falling flat.

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