• Jessica Sherry

Quick Writing Ideas on Little Accidents

I had a plan for dinner. I got out everything I needed. Preheated the oven. Reread the recipe. Ready to get it done and provide a yummy meal for my family, I set about the task with zeal... so much zeal that I sliced a chunk out of my thumb on the mandolin. Blood gushing and my dominant hand now, well, unsanitary and out of service, my plan changed entirely.

If you're grappling with a scene that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, throw in a little accident. Just because you and your character make plans doesn't mean they'll be carried through the way you expect. Plans rarely go as expected in real life, so why should they in fiction?

Here are some other ideas for accidents.

Divert your scene with a little accident and see what happens. Is the dinner ruined? Does someone step up to be the hero? Is the night spent in the ER? Will she outlaw the mandolin from her kitchen?

What story-diverting idea do you have?Share below. For more quick writing ideas, head to www.coffeebrained.com

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