• Jessica Sherry

Quick Writing Ideas on Closets

Buried in the corners of my closet, a sneaky houseguest would find suits, dresses, and a horde of business casual skirts, blouses, pants, and dressy heels. Closer at hand, t-shirts, workout clothes, a few dressy blouses with a beachy vibe, jeans, and shorts take up most of the easy-access spaces. What does this reveal about me? The dusty shouldered suit jackets (a size or two too small) show I had a professional job once but those items have been pushed aside for what I wear now--whatever's comfortable. I don't go to an office anymore. My closet isn't a hoarder's den, but it's not as neat as it could be (there's more to life than a clean closet, people). There's a lot I could get rid of, but I'm hanging onto things--just in case (in case of what, I don't know). Perhaps I miss those days in heels and dress pants, explaining why I can't take it down to Goodwill, yet.

Hmm, do I need to re-evaluate my life? Again? Yikes.

Here's a fun article on closet personalities that might help.

Likewise, you can learn a lot about a character by taking an imaginary look inside her closet. Take some time to brainstorm what your MC's closet looks like and what it reveals about him or her. Be a sneaky houseguest and look around.

Better still, what secret thing does your MC keep in her closet?

What's something he or she wouldn't want anyone to find?

Share your closet secrets below! Or join more brainstorming at www.coffeebrained.com

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