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Sea-Devil: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 1
Sea-Devil: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 1

You never get over your first about your first murder? When a man is murdered in her bookstore the night before her grand opening, island newcomer, Delilah Duffy, makes a name for herself as prime suspect. If Delilah Duffy hopes to create a life on the island, she must navigate through a vicious family feud, shoddy police work and the mistakes of her past. Will Delilah uncover the truth before her past and her present destroy her?

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Luna-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 2
Luna-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 2

We're all just one pain away from lunacy. A seaside inn. An elegant party. A black dress. What could go wrong? For Delilah Duffy, just about anything. With her bookstore failing, the last thing she needs is a party or another mystery to solve. With nightmares, anxiety, and panic intensifying, Delilah doesn’t know what’s real and what’s in her head. With everything at risk, Delilah discovers what’s worse… becoming a lunatic or facing one.

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Sea-Crossed: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 3
Sea-Crossed: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 3

Some secrets are kept to be kind. Torture, pain, misery - that’s all someone else wants for her. When a dinner party turns deadly, Sam goes missing, and Delilah realizes she's being watched, the “book queen with a thing for crime scenes” must battle to get her life and love back. Can love and determination save them or will dark secrets ruin her chances for a normal life? With mysterious messages taunting her and a killer eluding her, what lines will she cross to get to the truth?

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Pyra-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 4
Pyra-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 4

Everything can change in seconds. Bookstore manager and crime-solver, Delilah Duffy knows that better than anyone. When her Happily Ever After Valentine’s Day Bash ends in fiery destruction, everything she’s worked for burns with it. Pregnant and brokenhearted, Delilah fans the flames of her anger toward what she’s good at: solving crimes. Hot on the trail of an arsonist while her nemesis is on hers, Delilah fights to get her life back. Will she turn ash to treasure before the pyromaniac strikes

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My Vella Story

Water World
Water World

After a tough move with his Mom and sister from his beloved country home, Ethan isn't adjusting well to city life. In trying to escape his problems in this world, he opens another, dropping him and his sister, Abby, into Water World. This trip is no vacation, not with legendary monsters and deadly sea creatures to battle. But teaming up to help the merpeople through their home-related crisis might help Ethan and Abby navigate theirs, if they survive long enough to make it home.

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  • Jessica Sherry

How to Host Thanksgiving

THE HOUSEGUEST CHECKLIST is a detailed how-to on making your guests feel at home when staying under your roof. Here's more info on bringing home the turkey for a fabulous Thanksgiving at your house, as stress-free as possible.

At least three weeks before guests’ arrival, GO ON A TOUR OF YOUR OWN HOME AND MAKE A LIST. This list should include everything that needs to be cleaned, repaired, or purchased for each space (IDEALLY—it’s okay if you don’t buy a new mattress for the guestroom, but knowing it’s needed, you might save up for next year). Go here for more detail on how to create this list.

Then, PRIORITIZE THE LIST. Make a schedule, if needed. And BUY YOUR SUPPLIES. Tackle the things you can do now to save time on what you must do last minute.

CHECK THINGS OFF THE LIST AS YOU COMPLETE THEM. You don’t really have to do this, but it’s so freaking satisfying.

Now that you’ve got one list might as well get really listy. Here come several more lists… but it’s all for a good cause. Don’t freak out!

Two weeks before arrival, CREATE YOUR MENUS—not just for Thanksgiving, silly billy, but for every meal you’ll share with your guests. Include nibbles, beverages, and midnight snacks, too. They’re coming in hungry.

While you’re at it, might as well get that GROCERY LIST started, too. I break mine down by departments for easier shopping and less backtracking once I’m in grocery-shopping-hell.

THE Grocery List

While creating your Thanksgiving menu and grocery list, MAKE A THIRD LIST with all your planned dishes, when you’ll fix them, and how. I call this my COOKING SCHEDULE. This will prevent nasty traffic jams in your oven AND you tearing your hair out because you forgot to thaw your turkey.

THE Cooking Schedule

On Thanksgiving Day, I usually get my turkey in first, allowing time for my side dishes later. That turkey baby needs to rest before you cut into it anyway, so it can take a nap while your sides are getting warm and bubbly.

It’s tricky, tricky, tricky (cue Run DMC)—getting everything done by a certain time in one kitchen with one oven. So, take advantage of other appliances, too. Your toaster oven says, “Hey, what about me? I can do something.”

Don’t forget me,” says your microwave. And my favs… my slow cookers. I love getting those babies in on the action. I always have at least two side dishes in my crockpots.

The benefit of being OCD about your list-making and scheduling is that you’ll be able to tell your guests exactly when dinner will be ready AND get everything done in time. Because you planned it all out, duh, and you’re awesome at this.

What’s not so awesome… when Aunt Myrtle arrives with an unbaked apple pie that she never told you she was bringing… but, you’ll figure out a way to squeeze her contribution in because you know when the oven will be free. And you’re a badass like that.

apple pie

So, yes, it’s a lot of lists, but having them helps keep everything straight. I use a single notebook for all of them, and I reuse it year after year, which is super cool because… well, I don’t have to do as much listing in the future. I already have my Cooking schedule and Thanksgiving Menu, etc. When planning for it, I review my old notes to get started and tweak anything that didn’t work so well the year before. So, don’t throw anything away.

One week before arrival, GO GROCERY SHOPPING. You have to give yourself enough time to thaw your turkey but not enough time for your fresh produce to go bad. You can split the event if that’s easier or if you want to go to different stores. In that case, get your turkey and non-perishables ASAP and purchase your perishable items the week before.

Or do what we do... order it and have it delivered through WalmartPlus. Or schedule a pick-up with your favorite store. Letting someone else do the shopping for you is a game-changer.


The week before arrival, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. Refer to your HOUSEGUEST CHECKLIST and all the cleaning supplies you’ve already bought, and get the work done. Play some music or an audiobook. Don’t do it all in one day. Floors and dusting can be done early in the week. Save toilets until the last minute. Plan it out, so you don’t kill yourself. It’ll all get done.

Oh, get your fam involved in this… you’ve got the list, delegate like a boss.

The week of arrival, THAW, BRINE, COOK. Refer to your COOKING SCHEDULE. If you really want to be a useful engine, you can even pre-chop veggies you’ll use on Thanksgiving Day.

The day before, tackle LAST MINUTE CLEANING and recheck everything before they arrive. Then, once your house is in pristinely clean order, FOCUS ON FOOD.

By the time Aunt Myrtle arrives, you’ll be so zen, thanks to all your prep work, that you won’t even mind when she hands you the raw pie and reveals she’s brought her cat with her because Mister Flufferson refused to let her leave home otherwise.

Oh, keep cookies on hand for times like these...

Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

You can’t plan for everything, and that’s okay. It’ll all work out. And on the off chance it doesn’t, there’s always Chinese takeout.

SO SMILE, RELAX, AND ENJOY YOUR PEEPS. Have a glass of wine and get your gratitude on.

How do you handle hosting holiday events? Got any tips for us? Share below!

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