• Jessica Sherry

Garden Bed Boss

It's a warm, breezy Sunday, the perfect day for more garden adventures (our previous composting story and update here). I've finally transformed my raised garden bed from a wild jungle to a tidy, little home for my herbs and veggies. It's a good feeling--crossing that to-do off my long list (more on lists in a future blog). And... check it out.

Raised Garden Bed

I'm trying something different this year. My usual M.O. is to wait until my tomato plants are enormous and THEN try to put the metal cage around them, SMH and rolling my eyes. I'm trying to be smarter this year, caging it from the get-go. I scored these green Dollar Tree cages that are much less cumbersome than the metals ones... and cuter, too. I've cozied my peppers in them. We'll see how well they work.

Garden Bed

Yes, I love rosemary. So?

And seashells.

My biggest obstacle has been MINT. Once I made the dumb mistake of planting mint, not knowing that it'd take over and be difficult to exterminate. Abby and I churned up all the dirt this time, eliminating the mint like we were backyard garden bed bosses.

Instead of murdering it (it only comes back), we've exiled it to this planter.


I suspect it'll show up to the party without an invitation again. Does anyone else have a pesky plant they can't get rid of (besides weeds, obviously)?

Now that I've finally gotten my garden going, I can compete with my green-thumbed daughter. Her gardens have been going for weeks, and check out her progress...




Potato Plants

We're unsure what those little leaves popping up beside the potato stalks are... it's a garden mystery. But we're excited to see what it turns into, especially since this garden used the most of our composting. Could it be renegade seeds from something we composted? Hmm.

Anyway, her plants look hearty and happy, making us happy, too.

Happy or otherwise, share your backyard gardening adventures below.