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Sea-Devil: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 1
Sea-Devil: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 1

You never get over your first about your first murder? When a man is murdered in her bookstore the night before her grand opening, island newcomer, Delilah Duffy, makes a name for herself as prime suspect. If Delilah Duffy hopes to create a life on the island, she must navigate through a vicious family feud, shoddy police work and the mistakes of her past. Will Delilah uncover the truth before her past and her present destroy her?

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Luna-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 2
Luna-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 2

We're all just one pain away from lunacy. A seaside inn. An elegant party. A black dress. What could go wrong? For Delilah Duffy, just about anything. With her bookstore failing, the last thing she needs is a party or another mystery to solve. With nightmares, anxiety, and panic intensifying, Delilah doesn’t know what’s real and what’s in her head. With everything at risk, Delilah discovers what’s worse… becoming a lunatic or facing one.

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Sea-Crossed: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 3
Sea-Crossed: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 3

Some secrets are kept to be kind. Torture, pain, misery - that’s all someone else wants for her. When a dinner party turns deadly, Sam goes missing, and Delilah realizes she's being watched, the “book queen with a thing for crime scenes” must battle to get her life and love back. Can love and determination save them or will dark secrets ruin her chances for a normal life? With mysterious messages taunting her and a killer eluding her, what lines will she cross to get to the truth?

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Pyra-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 4
Pyra-Sea: A Delilah Duffy Mystery Book 4

Everything can change in seconds. Bookstore manager and crime-solver, Delilah Duffy knows that better than anyone. When her Happily Ever After Valentine’s Day Bash ends in fiery destruction, everything she’s worked for burns with it. Pregnant and brokenhearted, Delilah fans the flames of her anger toward what she’s good at: solving crimes. Hot on the trail of an arsonist while her nemesis is on hers, Delilah fights to get her life back. Will she turn ash to treasure before the pyromaniac strikes

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My Vella Story

Water World
Water World

After a tough move with his Mom and sister from his beloved country home, Ethan isn't adjusting well to city life. In trying to escape his problems in this world, he opens another, dropping him and his sister, Abby, into Water World. This trip is no vacation, not with legendary monsters and deadly sea creatures to battle. But teaming up to help the merpeople through their home-related crisis might help Ethan and Abby navigate theirs, if they survive long enough to make it home.

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  • Jessica Sherry

On Developing Characters: Who Does Your Character Go To When...?

Everyone needs someone, even your imaginary friends... I mean, um, characters. Part of developing characters is knowing who they turn to in good, bad, boring times. The laugh-inspirers, personal cheerleaders, the people she can be stupid with, the ones to take tubing (or whatever floats your, um, tubes). Family, friends, co-workers, whatever--your character has a pool from which to pull her peeps. Peeps are human comfort food. Wait, does that sound weird? Don't eat your peeps.

“Home Alone is a movie, not an alibi.” ~ Detective Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach in Law and Order (He’s my TV version of comfort food)
Funny Pigs

Hurricane Florence got me thinking about my peeps. My family of four has evacuated us to two of our peeps--Uncles Michael and Andy--for over a week. So, there are six of us plus one dog, Brownie, living in a typical two-person, pet-free household. Things could be crazy.

Crazy, like the pizza scene in Home Alone. Kevin's cheese pizza is gone, his older brother teases him, and his younger cousin will definitely pee in the bed they’re supposed to share. It's no surprise when Kevin lets his rage get away from him, and the shit hits the fan. His uncle yells at him, “Look what you did, you little jerk!”


A week into our evacuation (and counting) and everything’s as harmonious as the day we arrived. Our peeps have taken our minds off what could be happening at our house with no electricity and trees strewn across roads. We've felt perfectly at home (or they're really good actors, hard to tell). There are no awkward, angry pizza scenes in this house! We’ve all just fit together.

A family's usually the first place to look for peeps--though maybe Kevin should branch out when he gets older. Some of his family members edge a delicate line into intolerable.

The good news is that peeps can come from anywhere--they are the family one chooses.

Here are some general questions to get started:

  • Who does your MC choose to spend time with? And why? What's so special about them?

  • Who would she take on vacation with zero hesitations? (Seriously, I don't think the McAllister family really thought this through)

  • Who would she evacuate to in the event of a plumbing emergency, bug problem, or hurricane?

  • How might her peeps influence, help, comfort her, or sometimes... hurt her?

  • Who does she cry to, go to with her biggest problems and worst confessions?

Here are some more pointed questions to bring this mysterious BFF to life in your writer's playground (that is, your head):

  • Who could your MC share a blanket with while watching a movie without it being weird?

  • Who knows how your MC takes his coffee? Or tea? Or mixed drink?

  • Who would your MC call in the middle of the night if having a panic attack?

  • Your MC has just heard the stupidest, most hilarious joke. She can't wait to tell ______.

  • Your MC keeps this product _____ (Craft Beer, Hot Sauce, Peppermint Tea, Sugar-Free Hazelnut Coffee Creamer) on hand, just in case _______ stops by, and she usually does, most nights.

  • What does your MC's BFF tell your MC that she doesn't want to hear but knows is true? (Hint: Could also be your story's main conflict)

Sometimes, proximity leads us to our peeps, but it's more than that when we stay in those relationships. Figuring out your MC's circle means understanding your MC better, and BFF sidekicks always help move a story along, anyway.

Tell us about your character's peeps below in the comments.

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