• Jessica Sherry

10+ Crazy Writing Ideas on Gatherings

Story going stale? Have you hit a block in your manuscript? Just like hosting a dinner party breaks up the monotony of a normal week and gives you and your guests something to look forward to, planning an event for your story will do the same for your readers. Gather characters together—maybe throw in a few oddballs—and see what happens when…

  • No one’s read the Book Club selection—again—and diligent organizer, Nicolette goes baaaaallistic

  • Grandma Millie drinks too many gin and tonics at family dinner and starts babbling secrets no one wants said aloud

  • Ormond crashes the knitting circle and stabs Rhonda with a crochet needle

  • The mayor’s wife shows up at the church’s Single’s Night and no one knows what to say to her

  • Someone runs off with all the pies at the Blueberry Festival

  • A feral cat wreaks havoc at a dog training class

  • Laxative-laced cupcakes end the town meeting early

  • The CEO shows up at the annual Christmas party to announce BIG changes

  • There’s a hiccup at the gala, ball, bar mitzvah, wedding, funeral when the event staff managers interrupt the ceremonies with a huge blowout

  • A pinata full of moth balls ruins Prudence’s perfect birthday party

  • A guy takes a first date to his ex-girlfriend’s restaurant—Yikes

What event could inspire your characters to action and get your creative muse working again? Share your wild ideas below.

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