• Jessica Sherry

Composting the Mosting... or IDK. It's a Compost Update

We have officially made dirt! Homemade dirt now resides in Abby's new garden beds. Yay!

Raised Garden Bed

If you've read my previous post on our family experiment in composting, then you may remember I had some reservations about getting down and dirty with this project. But, I'm relieved to report...

We have not seen any coyote gang action (not at our composting bin, anyway)...

Though we did see a slight uptick in maggots and flies--briefly--it was not enough of a problem to inspire red-faced anger or, from me, an I-told-you-so...

The squirrels have not used it as an exercise wheel, unfortunately...

And we've had no gigantic mud-monsters. Yet.

What we have discovered is that composting is rather easy, ya'll. Collect. Dump. Spin. Wait. Use. Gathering our kitchen, cardboard, and lint scraps has progressed naturally into habit, just like regular recycling. Yes, it takes a little extra time, but for waste-not homebodies, like us, it's NBD.

Unless you have a Keurig... and drink gallons of coffee... Popping those k-cups open to dump the grounds is a hassle. I've cut my fingers MANY TIMES and cursed more than I care to admit. BUT, our plants should be MEGA-CAFFEINATED. If plants are anything like people, well, that SHOULD mean they'll get more done. Right?

What else have we learned about composting... hmm.

Well, we haven't created enough dirt to fill all our beds completely. We've supplemented with bagged dirt. But what we have made seems like much better quality than the bag stuff. Dark, rich, and less woody. By next summer, we shouldn't have to supplement at all.


Our dirt is egg-shelly. Eggshells didn't deteriorate as we hoped. Maybe those red wigglers from the bait shop would've helped, but we haven't acquired those yet. BUT that's okay because now I can make walking-on-eggshells jokes. We've used the shelly dirt for Abby's potato garden because, well, eggs go well with potatoes. Right?

So, Abby has one in-ground bed with Adirondack red potatoes. One raised bed with carrots, arugula, beets, lettuces, and green onions. In her trash-to-treasure salvaged vertical bed (thanks again to her uncles for getting that off the street for her), she has sugar snap peas with room for more plants later. Isn't it soooo cute?!

Now, I have to work on my raised bed (shoulders slumping). It's a jungle in there right now, but I cut myself a little slack since I've been stuck in a tunnel. I will be gutting it, especially to get rid of the CRAZY MINT I CAN'T KILL. Who knew mint would be so dang hearty and prolific? I can't drink that many mint juleps, geez! Once emptied, I'll add compost and give the whole thing a refresh.

So with Abby's gardens started and mine coming soon... we will surely have more updates as spring kicks in and summer arrives. Abby has a chart of what she wants to plant and when; she's delightfully studious. Anyway, expect more updates on our gardening adventures.

Unless, of course, that mud monster...

Happy gardening, fellow homebodies! Share your efforts below!