• Jessica Sherry

Ad Space: Character Development

If your character was in a commercial, what product would he/she/they endorse? I'm not suggesting adding a commercial to your plot (though, of course, you could. It's your story. You can do anything!). Only it might be a fun way to get inside your character's head and learn more about her. Detailing the things they like stands out and makes your prose more interesting.

If I were in a commercial, it'd be for coffee. Duh. This is CoffeeBrained, after all. Coffee pulls me--often kicking and screaming--out of bed in the morning. Sometimes, I think Folgers gets it right--it is the best part of waking up (though I don't drink Folgers). Coffee is a product I'd thoroughly get behind. And sticky notes. And Sketchers walking shoes. And Pilot G2 gel pens. And... you get the idea. These details are more interesting than saying what they reveal: This person likes being caffeinated for writing and walking. Yikes! That sentence is a real snooze-fest.

Glam up your writing with character details, like their must-haves. What would your character tell her friends they must have, buy, try? What does that list reveal about the person you're creating? How could you use it in your story?

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