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About Me

Coffee drinker,

Over thinker,

Story tinkerer,

Household experimenter & proud homebody. 

When I'm not writing, I'm doing things to write about later, because, you know, that's how it works...

More on me and my books at www.jessicasherry.com


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The Fav of the Month

My fav idea this month...hosting Thanksgiving, though I get obsessive about it. Can't wait to see the fam. Also, eggs stacked between pancakes. Who knew?

Also, I'm warming up to composting. *Shrug.

The Fav Reads of the Month

This month I have to give a shoutout to Atomic Habits by James Clear. Self-help books usually frustrate me over their lack of real help. I even outlawed them like the naughty, deceitful children they are for a while. Perhaps lured by the sparkly cover, I spent an Audible credit on this one hoping to foster some good habits while kicking my bad ones to the curb like yesterday's garbage. Clear's book has made a difference in how I think and act. So, yay, self-help books! Plus, it's an enjoyable listen. 


The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Devil in the Deadline by Lydnee Walker

And, coming soon, my review of If It Bleeds by (the master) Stephen King... I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy... 

Oh, p.s. Not getting paid to say any of this, but I wish I were...


Drop it like it's hot... I mean, Drop me a line


You never get over your first love...how about your first murder? When a man is murdered in her bookstore the night before her grand opening, island newcomer, Delilah Duffy, makes a name for herself as prime suspect. If Delilah Duffy hopes to create a life on the island, she must navigate through a vicious family feud, shoddy police work and the mistakes of her past. Will Delilah uncover the truth before her past and her present destroy her?

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